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Project statuses, May 2011

Hi everyone! I thought I would do a kind of intro post that lists all my original fiction projects and the stages they're at and so on, to give you an idea of what sort of stuff I write. I currently have twelve works (novels or novellas; I'm not very good at short stories) in progress and one that would like to be written but that will have to wait until this November, plus a couple of other ideas kicking around at the back of my head.

A note on the titles: they're all working titles and they're all of a similar format because I have picked up this weird superstition that I will reach 50K during NaNo if I use this format for the titles. It's been working for seven years so far.

This is your standard homebrew fantasy series, set in Feldaine, aka the Five Lands. Each novel takes a secondary character from the previous novel to be the new main character; they're third person limited perspective. There are currently four books in this series.

The Littlest Halfling focuses on Gloria Goodbody, whose ambitions in life are too big for her small town. Otherwise known as the 'hey, let's take a walking tour of half the country the author made up so we can learn about it!' Status: fourth (hopefully final) draft complete; will be agent-hunting as soon as the final draft of the sequel is finished, as I want to go, 'Hey, look, I can write more than one complete book!' It has halflings and elves and Fae and it is nothing like Lord of the Rings except for the parts where it's all questy and shit. Started out as my NaNovel in 2004.

The Golden Players focuses on Sax Ashberry, a wandering musician who just can't stop wandering into the forces of evil, damn it. He and his bandmates accidentally picked up psychic powers on one of their tours and those powers are getting stronger, so he gets to juggle that plus evil plus a budding romance with the ruler of one of the Five Lands. As you do. Status: second draft in progress; it started out as my NaNovel in 2005 but only just scraped past 60,000 words, so it needs to be less tiny to be a proper sequel to TLH (TLH is only just over 80K itself, but I am totally cool with not writing 300K doorstoppers).

The Longest Journey focuses on Rufus Firefly, who needs a change of surname stat, who's leaving a poly relationship to go on the first ship journey from the Five Lands to see what lies beyond the horizon. Status: I have made so many attempts at a first draft for this that I think I may die, also I need to talk myself out of pre-naming every single crew member on the damn ship 'just in case'.

The Red City focuses on Mayhew Thorn, whose sister disappeared into the city of Aberon and never came back. It's likely to be a novella rather than a novel because I don't know exactly where the fuck the story wants to go. Status: couple hundred words of first draft, scrappy notes, and a lingering sense of worry that I am going to end up lynched for insensitive racial portrayals (I won't, I just have to figure out how I won't).

Melbourne Magic
Set in Melbourne (duh), this is urban fantasy, I suppose, except it's less gritty and more slapstick with the occasional burst of 'what the actual fuck?' It's got everything I can think of to throw in there: lesbian werewolves, aliens, vampires with split personalities, inept wizards (well, just one), changelings, shameless fourth-wall breaking, talking cats, drug references, roleplaying, magic, earthly avatars of deities, so on and so forth. They're third-person omniscient perspective.

The Whole Banana centres around Alexander Bratspies, a wizard whose powers are sadly limited to spells involving bananas. He lives with a talking cat who used to be human but was cursed by an ex-boyfriend who then fled to Queensland. The book's about an alien invasion that needs thwarting, a vampire that needs staking, and a couple of werewolves who really just need a good skritch behind the ears. Status: first draft complete, but really short for a novel (just over 50K; it was my 2006 NaNovel), and the plot needs fleshing out.

The Flutterby Effect centres around Rae Carlisle, a changeling who finds herself in trouble when a 'magicquake' rocks the city and dissolves her human illusion. She's not the only one affected by the chaos magic; most of the characters from TWB return and some new ones turn up. Everyone bands together to face the dual threat of the potential vampire uprising and the ongoing effects of the chaos magic. Status: First draft in progress and sort of on hold because a) I think I should redraft TWB first and b) because I panicked during NaNo last year and so most of it is shit.

Another series set in Melbourne, told from the point of view of a succubus named Audrey Thorn (her real name is longer and has more Zs). It's very smutty, fairly horror-y, and there are hints that if it's not set in the same universe as the Melbourne Magic books, it's the one next door. Or at least there will be such hints when I finish editing the fucking thing.

The Demon's Daughter needs huge editing as it was my 2008 NaNo and although it was 'finished' at the time I now want to go back and add a whole additional plot to it. Again, it's one of those ones that's kind of 'here are the characters and some background and some world-building because this is only the beginning', but after the rewrite it should work a lot better as a stand-alone novel. Status: first draft finished but in dire need of some more words around the sex scenes.

The Angel's Mistress is about Audrey doing a stint in Heaven, seducing an angel, getting kicked out, and eventually there will be a plot, but mostly it's sex and what appears to be an earnest attempt to offend every major religion at once.

The Triangle Trial will be set in the same universe but focus on Audrey's housemates -- Jamie, Beth, and Mez -- who are a poly triad, and how their relationship unfolds from the death of Beth's abusive boyfriend (hint: Audrey kills him messily) to the realisation that maybe they could work as a triad to the various trials and tribulations of actually making it work. Status: to be started in November 2011...

I only know one story about this universe so far because its main character is very reluctant to talk to me, but it'll grow eventually. It's fantasy again, third person omniscient perspective.

The Way Home: three people from Earth are drawn to Locharn, a land torn by war and strife, where they eventually all meet up (of course) and meet Brendan da Nevill ap Anstyr (because he couldn't have an easy name, nooo), who's some sort of fairly highly ranked soldier. As the story progresses they find that although the place they've come to has its own share of troubles (well duh, there's a fucking war on), there are ways in which it's better for them than Earth. Eventually the time will come to choose whether or not they go home. Status: first draft in progress, not very far along though.

The Fear Collectors is horror that takes a hook turn into being fantasy. It's about people who deliberately induce fear in people so that they can extract it to use for slightly less nefarious purposes than one might expect. Status: first draft finished (NaNovel 2007), needs a fair bit of work and maybe some leaning on the horror rather than the fantasy aspect, because the final third of it just screams 'Okay, I give in, I don't know what the fuck I'm doing!'

The Luddite Clause is kind of fantasy. Ish. It's set in Mexico. Linda Delgado is a copyeditor for a publishing company. One day she finds a message hidden in the errors in a manuscript and realises that the author's been kidnapped. Since the author goes by a pseudonym, Linda has no idea where to start looking and s pretty damn sure nobody's going to take her seriously. There's also roller derby, shady doings with drug lords, velociraptors, and the most dancing around pronoun use I've ever done. Status: first draft about 5K from being finished but needs serious work as it's only 53K. It was my 2009 NaNovel. Originally TAM was going to be my 2009 NaNovel but about three days before the start of November someone on the forums said that 'The Luddite Clause' would make a good novel title, and it collided in my head with the proofreader finding a hidden message idea.

The Rainbow Connection is about politics and racism and drugs and the future and space colonisation and how the more things change the more they stay the same, which is probably the reason why I've never finished it despite it being on the third draft, because I have trouble not lapsing into irreverence. Nonetheless, I've been poking it for over ten years now, so I figure either it'll eventually happen or it'll well and truly die. I got nineteen chapters in when I was nineteen years old, so maybe when I'm thirty I'll write the whole thing, who knows?

I welcome any comments or questions anyone has about this stuff, because the more people ask, the more it'll help me turn these into real books.
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